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What is pimple in the nose?

A pimple is a tiny pustule that develops due to blocked sebaceous glands or infected hair follicles. The nasal cavity is lined by numerous hair follicles and hence, the occurrence of a pimple is not uncommon. Even though it's not embarrassing to look at, the pain is quite distressing for the individual suffering from it.

What are its main signs and symptoms?

Pimples are usually tiny and ones inside the nose feel like tiny bumps that might give intermittent mild pain. However, if a pimple becomes infected through touch of a poking instrument, it can lead to a pustule and finally, an abscess. The abscess can be very painful and lead to pus-like discharge later on. Itching, redness, and heat on the affected area are the symptoms.

What are the main causes?

An infected hair follicle, also known as a furuncle, is one of the common causes for pimple in the nose. Other causes include, inflamed hair follicle called folliculitis and cellulitis which is an infection of the skin. A pimple can also result from an ingrowing hair.

How is it diagnosed and treated?

Symptom presentation and examining the nasal cavity by a specialist can confirm the diagnosis. Most pimples when left alone, resolve on their own. It may take a period of 7-10 days for a pimple to heal. However, if there is formation of pus, or development of fever a doctor should be consulted. Treatment mainly involves antibiotics for a period of 5 days. Most cases resolve with antibiotics, however, some require pus drainage. An untreated infected pimple can be risky as some nasal veins are connected to the brain and hence, a blood clot formation may occur. Self-care involves avoid picking nose frequently, getting hair removal by an expert, using warm compresses to ease out the pain, and applying coconut oil internally which is known to provide relief.

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